Real Estate Appraisal in Mega Projects

Real Estate Appraisal in Mega Projects
When Mega Projects İstanbul data that is prepared by the support of İstanbul Freelance Architects Association are reviewed, it can be observed that 32% of explained projects are in the transportation domain classified by taking the project functions explained as a basis which are in the in the boundaries of cities in between the years of 2013 and 2017.

Right along with the explained projects that are in the domain of transportation are numerically 32%; 16% of the projects of this period is recreation, 12% is center and residence. In the light of these numerical data; it is observed that with the living places, transportation shafts’ improvement directions are also changed/improved. First settlements are near waterfront, latter settlements were selected to be city centers, however; recently, directed by economical improvements, it can be observed that the settlement areas are developed with respect to transportation shafts.  

Firstly, approved plans by Metropolis Municipality and secondly, construction plans approved by district municipalities are very significant in real estate sector and for the prediction of improvement directions of real estate areas.

Real Estate Appraiser is engaged at this point and they both produce effective and efficient usage analysis reports for investors and produce reports to be used in determination of marketing prices for the projects that are organized by investors.

We, Harmoni Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy INC., as a company, in our reports that we develop for the sector, provide Investment Consultancy and Development Consultancy with our expert staff mostly graduated from departments of urban and regional planning and Topographical Engineering having Real Estate Appraisal License.

Within these services we provide, the most significant criterion is “criterion of being permissible legally” and clearness and reliability of the data which is obtained from municipalities. With the construction information obtained from the related municipality, after the field survey and market surveys are completed, the most effective and efficient usage analysis report is prepared. In these studies, the most effective and efficient usage form for the related real estate property is determined by developing different functions and/or different construction areas and calculations by intersecting them with the data acquired from market analysis.

In our studies, as in every appraisal services, we obey ethical rules such as independence and objectivity. Furthermore, most of the construction and development firms with high brand value can be seen among our references.




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